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Stainless Steel Valve Handle

    We Provide Stainless Steel Hand Tools and Stainless Steel Valve Handle, If You Need, Welcome To Contact Us To Know More.

Product NameSteel Double Box end Wrench
MaterialCarbon steel
ColorNature or black


We Provide Stainless Steel Hand Tools and Stainless Steel Valve Handle and Stainless Steel Valve Handle, If You Need, Welcome To Contact Us To Know More.

Stainless Steel Hand Tools High Quality 45# Steel Striking Box Wrench 

 knock ring spanner,slogging wrench,tap spanner 
 Material :CR-V

color: nature,black,optional

hardness :40-45HRC
technique: forging 
finished: forging

certificate: ISO9001&UKAS certificate

Our factory produce:
non sparking hand tools(copper alloy) 
non magnetic tools(stainless steel) 
special type tools(carbon steel)

All our hand tools has passed ISO9001 and UKAS certificate.especially the striking box end wrench and striking open end wrench,both has a good reputation at home and abroad.

China manufacturer carbon steel valve wrench F spanner

Product name45#carbon steel F spannerCarbon Steel Valve handle
Techniquedie forging
Own factoryyes


We have over 350 items, over 2000 specifications in Non-sparking Tools.All of tools are strictly in accordance with the DIN standard of Germany and national GB standard of China. Forged by a large friction pressing machine with one-time molding, our products enjoy a good quality.Under a perfect quality control system,our products have all been through a series of test from the material purchasing to end-product delivery,which ensure a 100% qualified rate before they are delivered out of the factory.


As a rising star of the Non-sparking Tools industry, the company obtained ISO9001 quality management certification and ISO14000 international environmental certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health certification. So that products are not only popular in China, but also exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places.

Rarlon Special tools industrial Co., Ltd. a famous and professional manufacturer, established in 1998.

We have four series: non sparking series, Stainless steel tools series, steel tools series and non magnetic series. We can produce over 300 kinds and nearly 10000 dimensions including non sparking tools, special tools , Stainless steel tools and so on forged products.We Provide Stainless Steel Hand Tools and Stainless Steel Valve Handle and China Hand Tools Supplier and China Hand Tools Factory and China Power Tools Wholesale and Wholesale Hand Tools, If You Need, Welcome To Contact Us To Know More.

Explosion proof non sparking bung wrench No.1089

Forging Vs Casting

The Difference Between Casting & Forging

Casting is the process where metal is heated until molten. While in the molten or liquid state it is poured into a mold or vessel to create a desired shape.
Forging is the application of thermal and mechanical energy to steel billets or ingots to cause the material to change shape while in a solid state.

The advantages of forging include:

1.Generally tougher than casting.

2.Will handle impact better than castings
3.The nature of forging excludes the occurence of porosity, shrinkage, cavities and cold pour issues.
4.The tight grain structure of forgings making it mechanically strong. There is less need for expensive alloys to attain high strength components.

5.The tight grain structure offers great wear resistance without the need to make products “superhard” .

What is the best hand tool manufacturer?

When you talk about who makes the best hand tools in the world, you'll probably hear Stanley Tools in the discussion. This reputable brand is well-known and often delivers top-rated hand tools that are beloved by their customers. One of the best features with every Stanley toolset is its lifetime replacement warranty.We Provide Stainless Steel Hand Tools , If You Need, Welcome To Contact Us To Know More.

Explosion proof non sparking bung wrench No.1089

Explosion proof non sparking bung wrench No.1089

Explosion proof non sparking bung wrench No.1089

Quick Delivery and Proper Package

Sufficient stock make the order can be delivered timely.

Delivery Time: Order with less 100pcs,within 7 days.

Detailed Package: Each piece of non-sparking tools pack in a polythene bag, then some pack in cartons with different sizes depends on the quantity. We will make the package water-proof and shock-proof.

Explosion proof non sparking bung wrench No.1089

Our Production Workshop

     We have more than 20 years experience in manufacturing Non-sparking Tools.Skilled workers and advanced equipments make our non-sparking tools have precise tolerance and high quality.

     We can produce more than 5000000 pcs non-sparking tools per year. The main products include: Wrenches, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Hammers etc made from Beryllium copper and Aluminum bronze alloy.

Explosion proof non sparking bung wrench No.1089


1.Are you factory?

Yes, we are factory which specialize in manufacturing non-sparking tools and special steel hand tools

2.Payment Terms?


100% T/T in advance if the order under $1000.

3. How to contact?

Mobile:+86-155 304 66668   +86-150 287 36829

Tel:+86-155 304 66668

Fax:+86-155 304 66668

Wechat : +86-155 304 66668  +86-150 287 36829

whatsapp:  +86-155 304 66668  +86-150 287 36829

Stock DIN 7444 Non sparking non magnetic striking box spanner with ISO9001

Non-sparking Pick Axe


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