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Use Management of Explosion-Proof Tools(Part 1)

Aug. 12, 2020

The explosion-proof tool is a special safety tool, which has the characteristic of not generating sparks when the tool collides with the workpiece or friction.

Most of the varieties and specifications are evolved from steel tools, but they are made of multi-element non-ferrous metals with copper as the base material, and some products are specially designed.

Therefore, there are certain requirements for use, maintenance, storage, and transportation.

Only by fully understanding, choosing reasonably, using, and keeping it correctly, can it give full play to its various performance advantages.

Explosion-Proof Tools

Therefore, users should strictly observe the following precautions.

(1) Explosion-proof tools are a kind of safety protection products, so users must purchase products that are qualified by the nationally recognized explosion-proof performance test unit.

When purchasing, you must carefully understand the scope of adaptation, performance, characteristics, use methods, and precautions specified in the manual.

In addition, the tool body is usually marked with an "Ex" mark, and it has a certificate.

Unmarked tools cannot be purchased and used casually.

(2) Before using explosion-proof tools, the combustible gas in the workplace should be compared with the explosion-proof test gas; products that have passed the test with higher-level media can be used in places with lower hazardous levels.

Conversely, products that have passed the test of lower-level media cannot be used in places with higher levels of danger. If there are special needs, please ask the manufacturer to go to the testing unit to pass the test before use.

Obviously, it should not be used arbitrarily as a common tool in non-hazardous places, so as not to lose its due performance.

It should be pointed out that it should not be substituted randomly. If the specifications of the current production varieties cannot meet the needs of users, special design and manufacturing should be applied.

The above information is provided by explosion-proof tools manufacturer.

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