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How to Store Flammable and Explosive Materials Safely

Aug. 24, 2020

One of the chemical dangerous goods has multiple hazards. According to its attributes and dangers, judge which category it belongs to and how to save it. First of all, most of the organic compounds of these hazardous chemicals based on carbon and hydrogen are combustible and combustible, which is one of the characteristics of organic compounds. And most of them will form toxic substances after burning and are easy to burn. There are also highly toxic substances. In order to learn more about flammable and explosive materials, we will discuss with the non-sparking tool factory about how to store flammable and explosive materials.

1. Non-workers are strictly prohibited from entering dangerous goods warehouses, laboratories, boiler rooms, power distribution rooms, gas distribution rooms, garages, canteens, and other critical parts without approval.

2. All kinds of safety protection devices, lighting, signals, monitoring instruments, warning signs, lightning protection, alarm devices, and other equipment shall be checked regularly and shall not be dismantled or occupied illegally.

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3. All kinds of items that are inflammable, explosive, highly toxic, radioactive, corrosive, and conflicting in nature must be properly classified and stored, strictly managed, well ventilated, and clearly marked. Use explosion-proof lamps in warehouses and places with flammable and explosive dust and gas.

4. Wood shavings and experiment leftovers should be cleared out in time and placed in designated places.

5. It is flammable and explosive. Chemicals must be kept by special personnel. Keepers must check the product name, specification, brand, quality, quantity, and find out the nature of the danger. In the case of poor packaging, quality changes, or non-compliance with labels, timely safe handling shall be carried out.

6. Keep away from water, foam, and sunlight dangerous chemicals, and are not allowed to be stored in the open, low temperature, high-temperature place. Containers and packaging should be tightly closed and intact.

7. Smoking and open flame operations are strictly prohibited around the warehouse for flammable and explosive chemical dangerous goods. Items in the warehouse should be kept at a certain distance.

8. All dangerous chemicals contained in glass containers must be transported in wooden boxes. Strictly prevent impact, vibration, friction, heavy pressure, and tilt.

9. Carry out regular and irregular safety inspections, find hidden dangers, and rectify and report them in time. If an unsafe emergency situation is discovered, work should be stopped first, and then reported to the relevant department for research and treatment.

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