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What is a wrench?

Nov. 14, 2019

Non sparking tool supplier introduce you to the basics of wrenches.

Wrench is a hand tool that uses a lever principle to twist a bolt, screw, nut, and other threaded opening or socket firmware that holds a bolt or nut.The wrench usually has an external force applied to the one end or both ends of the handle to apply an external force to the external force of the handle, so that the bolt or nut can be screwed to the opening or sleeve hole of the bolt or nut. When using, apply an external force to the shank in the direction of thread rotation to twist the bolt or nut.

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1.Solid wrench

One or both ends are provided with fixed-size openings for twisting nuts or bolts of a certain size.

2. plum wrench

The working end has a hexagonal hole or a twelve-corner hole at both ends, which is suitable for the occasion where the working space is small and the ordinary wrench cannot be used.

3. Dual-purpose wrench

One end is the same as the single end solid wrench, the other end is the same as the plum wrench, and both ends turn the bolts or nuts of the same specification.

4. Adjustable wrench

The width of the opening can be adjusted within a certain size range, and the bolts or nuts of different specifications can be screwed.

5. Socket wrench

It is composed of a plurality of sleeves with hexagonal holes or twelve-corner holes and is equipped with various accessories such as handles and posts. It is especially suitable for bolts or nuts with very narrow or deep recesses.

6. Hexagon socket wrench

L - shaped hexagon rod-shaped wrench, especially used for turning hexagon socket screw. The model of hexagon wrench is in accordance with the six side of the opposite dimension, the size of the bolt has the national standard.

7. Torque wrench

It can show the applied torque when turning the bolt or nut. Or when the applied torque reaches the specified value, light or sound signals will be emitted. Torque wrenches are suitable for assembly work where the amount of torque is clearly specified.

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