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What Are The Materials Of Explosion-Proof Tools?

Nov. 21, 2019

Explosion-proof tools material in beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze as raw material, beryllium bronze, aluminum bronze alloy spark occurs when the impact or friction, friction or collision, make tools and objects in a short period of time the heat is absorbed and conduction, another reason because of copper itself is relatively soft, you have very good rolled friction and impact, not easy to produce tiny metal particles, so we hardly see sparks, and is suitable for manufacturing in explosive, flammable, strong magnetic and corrosion situations of security tools. Non Sparking Tool Supplier does a detailed introduction for you.

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1. Beryllium bronze: beryllium bronze is a steel base gold with beryllium as the basic alloy element, and its content of beryllium is 1-2.5%. It also contains trace amounts of cobalt, magnesium, iron and other trace elements. When beryllium bronze is impacted or rubbed at high speed, its mechanical energy is converted into thermal energy when it ACTS on the surface of the object, and the surface temperature rises suddenly. However, due to the high conductivity and heat conduction string of the material, the heat on the working surface is transferred to other parts of the workpiece quickly, and the heat on the working surface is greatly reduced. The compounds of beryllium bronze are stable, have a high melting point and are not easy to be oxidized violently. In high-speed impact or friction, the surface affected or some of the particles of the temperature has increased, but can not and oxygen and other combustible gases occur violent oxidation reaction, not an ignition source. The material is widely used in some special occasions important parts and explosion-proof tools manufacturing.

2. J892 copper alloy: J892 copper alloy explosion-proof tools are suitable for all kinds of explosive gas occasions. In general production, the hardness of J892 copper alloy material after treatment is even higher than beryllium bronze material, which is closer to the hardness of steel tool products. At present, the toughness of J892 copper alloy is not up to the level of steel tools, so the J892 copper alloy explosion-proof tools can not be used for excessive load, let alone the wrench with the sleeve to extend the moment arm or hammer percussion in the handle.

3. Aluminum bronze: there are two kinds of aluminum bronze commonly used: one is when the content of Al is less than 9.4%, the metallography is dendritic monoalpha phase solid solution; the other is when the content of Al is 1.8-9.4%, the structure is: alpha + beta 1+ a small amount of alpha + gamma 2. It has good thermal conductivity, and most of the heat generated by friction and collision with other objects is absorbed by the tool and dispersed. The particles under grinding have a lower heat, which will not cause the explosion of air and combustible material mixture.

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