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Matters Needing Attention In The Safe Operation Of The Wrench

Nov. 27, 2019

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Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Spanners

1. The adjustable spanner is a universal spanner composed of spanner body, fixed jaw, movable jaw and worm. Its opening size can be adjusted within a certain range, so screws and nuts within the range of opening size can generally be used. However, it is not allowed to use a large-size wrench to tighten the smaller screws, which will break the screws due to the excessive torque; the opening shall be adjusted according to the opposite size of the hexagon head of the screw or the hexagon of the nut, and the gap shall not be too large, otherwise the screw head or the nut will be damaged, and it is easy to slip off, causing injury accidents; the fixed jaw shall be subject to the main force, and the wrench handle shall be directed to the operator The wrench handle shall not be lengthened arbitrarily, and the wrench shall not be used as a hammer tool.

2. Solid spanner (open spanner), socket spanner, lock spanner and hexagon wrench are called special spanner. Its characteristic is that the single head can only screw one size of screw head or nut, and the double head can only screw two sizes of screw head or nut; when the solid wrench is used, the wrench opening should be matched with the screwed part before the force is applied, and if the contact is not good, the force is easy to slip off, so that the operator's body is out of balance; when the socket wrench is used, the force should also be applied after the contact is good, and it is found that the box wrench When the wrench handle is deformed or cracked, it shall be stopped using, and the dust and oil stain in the sleeve shall be removed at any time; when using the locking wrench and the Allen wrench, it is necessary to select appropriate specifications and models to prevent hand injury.

3. Ratchet wrenches and torque limited wrenches are special wrenches made according to special requirements. They should be used correctly according to the requirements of the product manual or adjusted according to indicator readings.

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