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Precautions For Use Of Torque Wrench

Dec. 07, 2019

Spanners factory share with you.

Usage method

1. Determine the preset torque value according to the required torque value of the workpiece.

2. When the torque value is preset, pull down the locking ring on the wrench handle, turn the handle at the same time, and adjust the main scale and differential scale of the ruler to the required torque value. After adjusting, release the lock ring and the handle will lock automatically.

3. Install the corresponding specification socket on the square tenon of the wrench, and cover the fastener, and then slowly force on the handle. The direction of the indicated arrow must be followed when applying external forces. When tightening to the sound of the signal "click" (the preset torque value has been reached), stop adding force.

4. When large torque wrenches are used, they can be added with a long bushing rod to save labor.

5. If it is not used for a long time, adjust the marking line to the minimum value of torque.

Carbon Steel Open End Wrench

Use caution

1. The opening size of the torque wrench selected must be consistent with the size of the bolt or nut. If the opening size of the wrench is too large, it is easy to slip and damage the hexagon of the screw. The selection principle of all kinds of spanner, generally preferred to use the socket wrench, followed by the box spanner, open spanner again, finally choose the adjustable spanner.

2. In order to prevent wrench damage and slippage, the tension should be applied on the side with thicker opening, which should be paid special attention to the adjustable spanner with larger force, so as to avoid damage to nuts and wrenches.

3. The torque wrench is designed according to the strength of the hands, in the case of a tight thread, can not hit the wrench with a hammer; No wrench other than a socket wrench shall be fitted with a stiffener to prevent damage to the wrench or threaded connection.

4. When torque wrench is used, it is the most suitable when you hear the sound of "pa".

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