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How Explosion-Proof Tools Come To Be Explosion-Proof

Dec. 12, 2019

The explosion-proof mechanism of explosion-proof tools (explosion-proof materials) is mainly determined by the characteristics of the material itself. Non Sparking Tool Manufacturer shares with you.

The main material of explosion-proof tools is copper, and copper has very good thermal conductivity. Why do ordinary steel tools produce sparks when they are impacted and abraded when they are used (small metal particles burn), mainly because steel contains high carbon, and the heat accumulated in a short period of time during friction and impact cannot be absorbed and conducted in time. The heat is concentrated on the tiny metal particles generated during friction and impact, and the sparks (particle combustion) are splashed out. With the speed of friction or impact and the severity of the contact, the number and size of sparks are also different. For example, when we grind metal with a grinder, a large number of sparks are generated, but when we use a file to file metal, we can hardly see sparks. Explosion-proof tools (explosion-proof materials) are different from ordinary steel tools. Due to the good thermal conductivity of copper and almost no carbon, the heat generated by the tool is absorbed and conducted in a short time when it is rubbed or impacted by objects. Because copper itself is relatively soft, it has a good concession during friction and impact, and it is not easy to produce tiny metal particles, so we can hardly see sparks.

Explosion-proof hand tools

In fact, when we do the impact test and friction test of explosion-proof materials, sparks can still be seen in the test chamber, because these two tests are performed under the condition of high-speed drop and friction, and such impact and friction will occur. Tiny metal particles and a large amount of heat are generated in a short time. It is just that the heat caused by the tiny sparks (particle combustion) generated at this time is not enough to detonate the flammable gas in the test chamber. On the same principle, if we put the explosion-proof material on a high-speed grinding machine or cut it with a cutting machine, we will see a lot of sparks, because in this case a large number of metal particles will be generated, and at the same time short The heat accumulated over time cannot be fully absorbed and conducted. When we use a file to file explosion-proof materials or use a saw blade to saw explosion-proof materials, we can hardly see sparks, because in this case heat can be absorbed and conducted in time. According to this situation, if we use steel tools to tighten nuts made of explosion-proof materials or use steel tools to contact workpieces made of explosion-proof materials, we will not see sparks either. This is the same as using explosion-proof tools to contact the steel workpiece.

It can be known from this that the explosion-proof performance of explosion-proof tools is not absolute, it's not that it doesn't spark, but the heat generated by sparks (particle combustion) is not enough to detonate flammable gases.

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