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Why Use Explosion-Proof Tools In Special Fields?

Dec. 20, 2019

The material of explosion-proof tools is a copper alloy. Due to the good thermal conductivity of copper and the characteristics of almost no carbon, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed and transmitted when the tool and the object are rubbed or impacted, so an explosion-proof toolbox is needed to save. Spark freehand tools Supplier shares your knowledge of explosion-proof tools.

Explosion-proof tools, also known as safety tools, are mainly used inflammable and explosive places. The tools and work objects rub against each other and do not generate sparks when they are impacted, which effectively prevents flammable explosions.

Explosion-proof tools are irreplaceable safety tools inflammable and explosive places. Friction and impact do not generate sparks, and they have safe mechanical properties, good hardness, and torque, and do not deform during use, which is in line with its use-value.

Why use explosion-proof tools in special fields

Thirty years ago, in China's petroleum, chemical, refining, oil and gas transportation and other flammable and explosive places, accidents caused by tool friction and impact sparks to explode explosive gases occurred occasionally, resulting in a serious loss of state property and personal safety.

With the development of industry, fire and explosion accidents caused by tool sparks have become increasingly prominent. In order to avoid sparks caused by collisions and frictions, which will cause surrounding flammable substances to burn and explode, hand tools used inflammable and explosive places should use explosion-proof tools.

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The danger of explosion-proof tools due to improper operation:

When using explosion-proof tools, be sure to perform the operation correctly. If the operation is improper, it will cause danger. When the incorrect manual tool is selected, it will be dangerous. Installation and other reasons may cause danger.

1. The danger of impact: The explosion-proof tools that are operated are not easily grasped, and it is easy to lose control and fly out. It may also be caused by physical imbalance, causing the operator's body or someone nearby.

2. Cutting danger: Some of the cutting edges of explosion-proof tools are very sharp. The burrs or sharp corners of such tools can cause danger to the body.

3. Splash hazards: The substances that appear during operation, such as club chips and chemical solvents, can splash and cause injury to construction workers.

4. Electric shock hazard: Electric shock accidents caused by explosion-proof tools may also occur, and necessary inspections must be performed before use.

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