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About The Selection Of Explosion-Proof Tools

Dec. 30, 2019

1. The use of explosion-proof tools as percussion wrenches or sleeve extension tubes will cause obvious dents in the handle and work break. In this case, you should choose a T-type sliding head handle plus a sleeve, F-type lever, and curved handle-type lever. Or choose a larger ratchet wrench to increase torque

2. Explosion-proof manual sleeve heads are used on pneumatic tools, which will cause obvious damage, slipping, and obvious cracks on the sleeve wall at the square hole of the sleeve head. When operating in the wind, choose a pneumatic sleeve series.

3. Use the head of the pliers as a hammer, which will cause dents on the pliers head or the jaws to not bite properly. Please use appropriate explosion-proof copper hammers and other percussion tools when doing percussion work. The use of explosion-proof sharp-nosed pliers when bending high-strength wires and sheets will also cause scars at the mouth of the sharp-nosed pliers or improper bite of the forceps.

4. Explosion-proof tools are used as small crowbars or flat shovel, chisels, hoe, etc., which may cause the handle to loosen and disconnect or break at the working end, or it may cause scars or damage to the working end of the screwdriver.

5. Explosion-proof wrenches and pipe pliers are large and small, and the use of sleeves or extension sleeves will cause deformation and fracture of the wrench, and the wrench handle will bend, deform, and break; non-percussion wrenches such as adjustable wrenches will be used as explosion-proof copper hammers. Cause deformation of the wrench head and so on.

Explosion-proof combination tools: Explosion-proof tool maintenance, Explosion-proof combination tools for gas stations, Explosion-proof combination tools for oil depots, Explosion-proof combination tools for natural gas, Explosion-proof combination tools for mine and mine rescue. Our company provides Steel Striking Box Wrench.

Steel Striking Box Wrench

Its components are generally: explosion-proof live wrenches, explosion-proof dual-purpose wrenches, explosion-proof hexagonal wrenches, explosion-proof socket heads, explosion-proof needle-nose pliers, explosion-proof carp pliers, explosion-proof wire clamps, explosion-proof inspection hammers, explosion-proof sliding head handles, explosion-proof Phillips screwdriver, explosion-proof flat-blade screwdriver, explosion-proof flat shovel, explosion-proof brush, etc .; the specific situation can be customized according to customer needs.

Various tools should be cleaned of oil on the surface before use. After use, clean the surface of oil and deposits, store them in a dry place, and store them away from corrosive materials. If they are not used for a long time, they should be coated with an appropriate amount of lubricant. Percussion tools should not be struck continuously, and there should be appropriate intervals more than ten times. At the same time, the struck parts of the tool should be removed in time, and the debris should be continually used. In the actual operation of knocking and smashing explosion-proof tools, the debris on-site and the corroded oxides on the working surface should be removed in time to prevent a third party from colliding and causing an explosion.

In many special fields, we need to use special tools, especially some flammable and explosive industries need to use explosion-proof tools so that our lives can be guaranteed.  The above is the Non-Sparking Tool Manufacturer to explain the application of explosion-proof tools for everyone.

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