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What Special Problems Should Be Noticed When Using Explosion-Proof Wrenches?

Jan. 07, 2020

Explosion-proof wrenches are made of precious and rare metals after being synthesized, smelted, and forged to make tools. The surface is yellow. Explosion-proof wrenches are a type of product in explosion-proof tools, and they are also the most widely used and most frequently used hand tools in explosion-proof tools. Explosion-proof wrenches include explosion-proof adjustable wrenches, explosion-proof double-headed plum wrenches, explosion-proof double-headed spanners, explosion-proof double-headed spanners, explosion-proof percussion wrenches, explosion-proof percussion wrenches, explosion-proof high-neck percussion wrenches, and explosion-proof convex types percussion wrenches, explosion-proof curved shank percussion wrenches, explosion-proof valve wrenches, explosion-proof hexagonal wrenches, explosion-proof F-type wrenches, explosion-proof hook wrenches, explosion-proof barrel wrenches, explosion-proof ratchet wrenches, etc. Non-Sparking Tool Manufacturer shares with you.

Non-sparking Fireman Axe

1. What special problems should be noticed in the use of explosion-proof wrenches, for example, the weight of explosion-proof wrenches should be compatible with the workpiece, data, and function. It will not be too heavy or too light to be safe. When the mass of the explosion-proof wrench is doubled, the energy is doubled, and when the speed is doubled, the energy is doubled. For safety, when using an explosion-proof wrench, it is necessary to accurately select an explosion-proof wrench and grasp the hitting speed.

2. Pay attention to the following points when using explosion-proof wrenches:

It is necessary to connect the explosion-proof wrench with the credentials, but it must not be used if the explosion-proof wrench and the handle of the explosion-proof wrench are loose, and the explosion-proof wrench handle has cracks and cracks. The wedge of the explosion-proof wrench in the mounting hole is preferably a metal wedge. The length of the wedge should not be greater than 2/3 of the device hole depth. In order to have a certain flexibility when hitting, the center of the credential is slightly narrower than the end. When using a sledgehammer, it is necessary to pay attention to the front and back, left and right, and up and down. It is forbidden to stand in the range of sledgehammer movement, and it is forbidden that the large explosion-proof wrench and the small explosion-proof wrench strike each other. Explosion-proof wrenches must not be quenched, cracks and burrs must be prohibited, and flashing burrs should be repaired in time.

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