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What Is The Difference Between Explosion-Proof Tools And Copper Tools?

Jan. 08, 2020

Non-Sparking Tool Supplier shares with you.

The material of explosion-proof tools is copper alloy. Due to the good thermal conductivity of copper and the properties of almost no carbon, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed and conducted when the tool and the object are rubbed or impacted. Soft, friction and impact have good concession, it is not easy to produce tiny metal particles, so we can hardly see sparks, so explosion-proof tools are also called non-spark tools. The materials for the manufacture of explosion-proof tools must pass the national authoritative testing agency and be tested in accordance with GB10686-89. After the inspection of non-detonating gas is qualified, the chemical composition, explosion-proof grade, and mechanical strength of the qualified materials are clearly marked in written form in the official letter of the test report and disclosed to the user. Such explosion-proof tools are qualified and can be used with confidence. Not every unbranded copper alloy can be used to make explosion-proof tools. At present, there are two kinds of materials used to make explosion-proof tools, one is a beryllium bronze alloy and the other is an aluminum bronze alloy. Explosion-proof tools are made of beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze. The beryllium bronze alloy and aluminum bronze alloy do not spark when they are impacted or rubbed. tool. The BEA-20C alloy withstands 561IJ impact energy in 30% hydrogen or 6.5-10% methane-air oxygen. After 20 impacts, no sparks and combustion occurred.

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Are copper tools explosion-proof? It is wrong to say that the explosion-proof tools are made of "copper alloy" or "copper alloy". There are also some wrong statements, such as a copper wrench, copper hammer, copper crowbar and so on. Explosion-proof tools are tools for flammable and explosive gases. The material is aluminum bronze and beryllium bronze alloy. Saying "copper alloy" or "copper alloy" with some wrong names also make the small workshop use words to imitate explosion-proof tools, speculatively on the tool materials, and deceiving users.

Explosion-proof tools are mainly beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze. Because copper itself is relatively soft, and the hardness of copper tools is relatively poor, hardware tools are generally not produced separately.

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