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How To Choose Non-sparking Tools?

Nov. 01, 2019

As people's demands for quality of life are getting higher and higher, of course, in addition to food, fashion has some essential and practical things, from industrial to small, like ours. When things are broken and need to be repaired, then the new home appliances need to be installed, or the fire-fighting places, public places, and the combination of parts from small to large, from zero to the whole, are the tools that play a vital role. It also means that our tools are more handy and better. And this series of tools are divided into: explosion-proof tools, special tools, explosion-proof hand-crush, copper hammer series, special set tools, titanium tools, stainless steel tools. One of them is to make a systematic description of the explosion-proof tool. Explosion-proof tools are collectively referred to as "safety tools" and "Non Sparking Tool", and are collectively referred to as "explosion-proof tools" in China. When the tool and the object are rubbed or impacted, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed and transmitted, and the friction and impact are very good, and the tiny metal particles are not easily generated, so that we can hardly see the spark, so the explosion-proof tool Called a non-sparking tool. if you want to know what are non sparking tools and what are non sparking tools made of, We will give you a satisfactory answer.

Non Sparking Tool

Non Sparking Tool

So how do you buy a non-sparking tool? Non Sparking Tool Manufacturer will come to tell you.

First we need to know the classification of non-sparking tools. Explosion-proof tools that are produced, sold, and circulated in China can be divided into two categories by material distinction: 

1. Aluminum-copper alloy (commonly known as aluminum bronze) explosion-proof tool, the specific material is based on high-purity electrolytic copper as a matrix to add appropriate amount of aluminum, nickel, manganese, iron and other metals to form a copper-based alloy.

2. Beryllium copper alloy (commonly known as beryllium bronze) explosion-proof tool, the specific material is based on high-purity electrolytic copper as a matrix to add appropriate amount of bismuth, nickel and other metals to form a copper-based alloy. The thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of these two materials are very good. The hardness and wear resistance of aluminum bronze after heat treatment can reach HRC30o or more with beryllium bronze. Beryllium bronze has no magnetism and can be used in strong magnetic field environment.

Explosion-proof tools can be divided into two categories according to the manufacturing process:

Casting process: It belongs to the traditional manufacturing process. It is the internationally-used explosion-proof tool technology in the 1980s. It has been used in most domestic explosion-proof tool manufacturers. Casting process advantages: simple process and low manufacturing cost. Disadvantages: product density, hardness, tensile strength, low torque, more pores, trachoma, resulting in shorter product life.

Forging process: The latest international manufacturing process is made by using a large press or punch, and a high-heat-resistant forming die for one-time forging. Advantages of forging process: It can greatly improve the density, hardness, tensile strength and torsion of the product, basically eliminate the pores and trachoma, and make the mechanical performance service life of the product about 1 times longer than the traditional casting process. Disadvantages: The investment in product equipment and mold is large, resulting in high cost.

The most economical way to buy a non-sparking tool is to find the real manufacturer of the tool you want, and it is the kind that can have molds, mass production, they have low cost, of course, your purchase price is low. If you have any needs, you can contact us. We are a professional supplier of non-sparking tools, we can provide you with various types of non-sparking tools including Explosion-proof Hammer. We are sure to meet your needs and welcome you.

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