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Safe Operating Practices For Explosion-proof Tools

Oct. 26, 2019

Explosion-proof tools, also known as Non Sparking Tool, are made of beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze. Due to the good thermal conductivity of copper and almost no carbon, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed when the tool and object rub or impact. And conduction, another reason is due to the relatively soft copper itself, good confinement in friction and impact, not easy to produce tiny metal particles, very suitable for use in explosive, flammable, strong magnetic and corrosive applications Security tools.

The scope of application of explosion-proof tools: petroleum refining and petrochemical industries, coal mines, oil fields, natural gas chemical industry, gunpowder industry, chemical fiber industry, paint industry, fertilizer industry, various pharmaceutical industries. Oil wheels and LPG vehicles, aircraft, warehouses that operate inflammable and explosive materials, electrolysis workshops, communication machine assembly workshops, places where tools are required to be rust-free, wear-resistant and diamagnetic.

Explosion-proof Hammer

Explosion-proof Hammer

Explosion-proof tools are mainly used according to different purposes and applicable places: explosion-proof wrench series, Explosion-proof Hammer series, explosion-proof pliers series, explosion-proof screwdriver series, explosion-proof chisel series, explosion-proof cutting tool series, explosion-proof combination tool series, explosion-proof sleeve and accessories series, others Explosion-proof tool series; in addition to the above-mentioned explosion-proof tools, there are copper hammer series made of brass or copper.

Explosion-proof tools are a kind of safety protection products, so users must purchase products that have passed the nationally recognized explosion-proof performance test and qualified. At the time of purchase, you should carefully understand the scope of application, performance, characteristics, usage and precautions specified in the manual. Only by fully understanding, rational selection, proper use and preservation of it, can fully exert its various performance advantages. So how should the explosion-proof tools be used correctly? Non Sparking Tool Manufacturer to tell everyone.

1. Explosion-proof tools are a kind of safety protection products, so users must purchase products that have passed the nationally recognized explosion-proof performance test and qualified. When purchasing, you should carefully understand the applicable scope, performance, characteristics, usage methods and precautions specified in the manual. 

2. Explosion-proof tools should identify the gas location before use to determine whether the tools used meet their explosion-proof performance.

3. Explosion-proof tools should not be used as a normal tool in non-hazardous places, so as not to lose its proper performance.

4. Explosion-proof tools are high-strength and corrosion-resistant in most flammable gases. However, it is not corrosion resistant in all cases. For example, in humid ammonia, acetylene, certain ammonium salts, fluorine, chlorine, ammonium phosphate, and some dichromate media, the degree of corrosion is considerable. Some media react with copper alloys to form a chemical reaction, which generates dangerous substances such as acetylene and copper to form acetylene copper. Therefore, when using explosion-proof tools, try to speed up the operation as much as possible in a dry environment, such as when it is impossible to avoid use in a humid environment, and reduce the working time to prevent the occurrence of large corrosion. Wipe clean at all times after use, and do not install it in the same box as corrosive substances.

5. All kinds of wrenches for explosion-proof hand tools have different rated strengths. It is strictly forbidden to use over-loading of bushings. No tools other than tapping wrenches should be tapped to avoid overload and deformation due to overload, which may affect normal use. When using the tool, the variety specifications should be reasonably selected according to the needs. It should not be used as a small steel, nor should it be used as a steel tool. It should be pointed out that when using adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches and wrenches, pay attention to the requirements of the direction of force, and do not arbitrarily twist. When using a tool with a blade, first determine the hardness of the workpiece itself, when its hardness is close to the tool. When hardness is used, it can be handled. When the hardness is higher than the hardness of the tool, it is forbidden to use. When the workpiece is motorized, semi-permanently fixed or corroded, and no other measures are taken before using the hand tool, it should be prohibited to avoid damage to the tool.

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