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The Importance Of Using Explosion-proof Tools

Oct. 19, 2019

The material of the explosion-proof tool is copper alloy. Due to the good thermal conductivity of copper and almost no carbon, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed and transmitted when the tool and object are rubbed or impacted. Another reason is that copper itself is relatively high. Soft, friction and impact have a good concession, not easy to produce tiny metal particles, so we can hardly see the spark, so the explosion-proof tool is also called Non Sparking Tool.

Explosion-proof tools can be divided into two categories according to the manufacturing process:

1. Casting process: It belongs to the traditional manufacturing process. It is the internationally-used explosion-proof tool technology in the 1980s. It has been used in most domestic explosion-proof tool manufacturers. Casting process advantages: simple process and low manufacturing cost. Disadvantages: product density, hardness, tensile strength, low torque, more pores, trachoma, resulting in shorter product life.

2. Forging process: The latest international manufacturing process is made by using a large press or punch, and a high-heat-resistant forming die for one-time forging. Advantages of forging process: It can greatly improve the density, hardness, tensile strength and torsion of the product, basically eliminate the pores and trachoma, and make the mechanical performance service life of the product about 1 times longer than the traditional casting process. Disadvantages: The investment in product equipment and mold is large, resulting in high cost.

So why use an explosion-proof tool? As a Non Sparking Tool Supplier, we can talk to you.

Explosion-proof Hammer

Explosion-proof Hammer

Hand tools used in inflammable and explosive places should be made of non-steel to avoid the burning and explosion of surrounding flammable substances caused by sparks caused by collisions between steel and steel or steel and concrete floors and rocks. This type of hand tool made of non-steel for use in flammable and explosive places is called an explosion-proof tool (also known as a non-sparking tool).

Explosion-proof tools have only been produced in scale and widely used in China since the 1980s. Prior to this, workers in inflammable and explosive places often used the tool to apply butter on the surface of the steel tool and the parts to be contacted or to pour cold water on the operating part. If it is necessary to use steel hand tools for maintenance and cleaning in a flammable and explosive production workshop, it is a hot work, and the prudent unit will stop production, thus affecting the efficiency of the enterprise. To this end, some large companies and non-ferrous metal production plants, foundry processing plants have produced some tools for non-ferrous materials, but most of the tools have poor mechanical properties. Explosion-proof performance is also not reliable. Some units plate a layer of non-ferrous metal on steel tools. Because the working parts are easy to eat, if the collision occurs, the surface of the steel can be exposed, so the explosion-proof performance is not reliable. Some of China's imported projects and large-scale enterprises are often unable to start work because they do not have explosion-proof tools. Therefore, they have to use foreign exchange to purchase abroad. For example, a factory in Shanghai once purchased an explosion-proof hand tool from abroad and spent 60,000 US dollars. But more of the situation is: Many people in flammable and explosive places have not realized that using steel tools will generate sparks and ignite and detonate. Some people have luck and think that they have been operating with ordinary steel tools for many years. Something went wrong. Fires and explosions caused by this have occurred frequently.

Therefore, in the case of casting metal, etc., explosion-proof tools should be used to ensure their own personal safety. If you have any requirements for explosion-proof tools, you can contact us. As a professional manufacturer of explosion-proof tools, we can provide you with high-quality explosion-proof tools including Explosion-proof Hammer. Welcome to come.

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