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Two Classifications Of Wrenches

Oct. 12, 2019

A Slogging Wrench is a common mounting and removal tool. Use the principle of leverage to twist bolts, screws, nuts, and other hand tools that hold the opening or socket firmware of the bolt or nut. The wrench usually has an external force applied to the one end or both ends of the handle to apply an external force to the external force of the handle, so that the bolt or nut can be screwed to the opening or sleeve hole of the bolt or nut. When using, apply an external force to the shank in the direction of thread rotation to twist the bolt or nut.

Wrenches are usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel.

Tap Spanner

Tap Spanner

So, what are the two classifications of the wrench?

1.Manual wrench

The manual wrench is also called ordinary Tap Spanner. It is mainly used in ordinary life work. It is relatively simple to use. It is mainly divided into single-head wrench, double-head wrench, adjustable wrench, plum wrench, multi-purpose wrench, tap wrench and socket wrench, socket driver, torque wrench, torque wrench, cross wrench, ratchet wrench, hook wrench, hex wrench, inner square wrench, manual clutch torque wrench, pipe wrench, T-wrench, L-wrench, crescent wrench, drum wrench, tire wrench, spark plug wrench, filter wrench, combination wrench, other wrenches, etc. The torque wrench is divided into a signal wrench, a pointer wrench and a digital display wrench.

Use of manual wrench:

①Select the appropriate wrench according to the characteristics of the fastener to be fastened.

②Tighten tightly, grasp the end of the handle by hand, and tighten it clockwise; loosen and turn counterclockwise.

2. Open end wrench

The use and technical features of the open end wrench:

Screws are the main fasteners in mechanical equipment. Open wrenches are an important tool for processing, production and maintenance in the mechanical industry. This project is a revolution in traditional wrench tools, and it has the following advantages.

1. It can work quickly, work three to four times faster than traditional wrenches, faster than fast wrenches.

2. One open wrench can be used for 2-6 screws, while a double-ended rigid wrench is only suitable for 2 screws.

An open wrench is equivalent to 2-3 rigid hands, which is equivalent to a movable wrench but can work quickly without adjusting the opening.

3. The service life is long, it can't be bad, and the front quick wrench is easy to break.

4. The manufacturing process is simple and the cost is lower than the rigid one.

5. Light weight, easy to carry, work and effort.

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