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Research on Surface Treatment Technology of Explosion Proof Wrench

Apr. 01, 2020

Explosion-proof wrenches are usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel. Explosion-proof wrenches are mainly used to turn bolts or nuts to hold the openings or sleeve holes of bolts or nuts. When using external force on the shank along the direction of thread rotation, you can turn the bolt or nut.

After the explosion-proof wrench is formed, it first undergoes a series of machining, and then it is transferred to the grinding process. After the polished wrench, it is finally subjected to a high-temperature bluing treatment. The temperature is 140 ° C in high-content sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrite solutions. Above, a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of the impact wrench. Different steel materials will have different color differences, regardless of roughness; the blue film is not resistant to corrosion, so it must be immersed in antirust oil after blue.

Explosion-Proof Wrench

The particularity of explosion-proof tools lies in the particularity of the place where they are supplied. Because of the high level of safety requirements inflammable and explosive workplaces, they are particularly suitable for industries such as petroleum, chemical, gas, gas stations, electricians, and mining. Use explosion-proof hexagon wrench products for routine inspection and maintenance.

The performance of explosion-proof hexagonal wrenches is different from that of other tools because we use aluminum bronze alloy and beryllium bronze alloy for processing and production. These two materials can be explosion-proof after processing. Among them, beryllium bronze alloy products are both explosion-proof and anti-magnetic products, which are especially suitable for use in more stringent places.

Its performance is also reflected in its good tensile strength. The tensile strength of aluminum bronze alloys can reach more than 25 degrees. The tensile strength of aluminum bronze alloys can reach more than 35 degrees. These two different strength products are available to customers. Friends come to choose different workplaces to use our hexagonal products.

Surface treatment of non-spark tools: surface treatment methods such as chemical treatment, electrostatic spraying, and electric varnish. These surface-treated products can meet the needs of our customers and friends, and make the surface of the product have a very reasonable color Let's finish a lot of product processing.

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