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Precautions for Using Explosion-Proof ToolsⅡ

Mar. 30, 2020

(3) Explosion-proof medium is high-strength and corrosion-resistant in most medium gases.

But it is not resistant to corrosion in all cases, such as in humid ammonia, certain ammonium salts, acetylene, moist fluorine, chlorine, chromic ammonium, some dichromates, potassium hydride, and other media. The extent is considerable.If You Are Finding Car Tool Kit and Electrician Tool Kit and Craftsman Home Tool Kit, We Will Be Your Best Choose! We Have Our Own Factory, So We Can Give You A Cheap Price!

In addition, some media will chemically react with copper alloys to produce explosive substances with high danger, such as acetylene steel formed by the combination of acetylene and steel.

For this reason, when using explosion-proof tools, in a dry environment as much as possible, if it is impossible to avoid using in a humid environment, try to speed up the operation speed and reduce the working time to avoid causing major corrosion and danger.

Wipe clean at any time after use, and it is strictly forbidden to store and store it together with corrosive media.

Explosion-Proof Tools

(4) All types of wrenches of explosion-proof hand tools have different rated strengths. It is strictly forbidden to use casings for overloading. Do not strike except for wrenches, so as not to cause fracture and deformation due to overload, which affects normal use.

In the process of using the tool, its variety and specifications should be reasonably selected according to the needs, and it should not be treated as a small one, nor should it be treated as a steel tool. It should also be pointed out that when using a spanner, pipe wrench, or a spanner, Pay attention to the requirements of the direction of the force. Do not apply force in the opposite direction. When using a tool with a blade, first determine the hardness of the workpiece. If its hardness is close to the hardness of the tool, it should be carefully handled. If it is higher than the hardness of the tool, it is prohibited to use it.

When the workpiece is screw-tightened, semi-permanently fixed, or because of long-term rust, and no other measures are taken before using the manual tool, it should be prohibited to avoid damage to the tool.

(5) After the explosion-proof tools are disabled, they should be wiped clean at any time. Those who are not used within six months should be oiled or preserved with the antiseptic method and should be oiled and put into bags or boxes for storage for more than one year.

Some parts of the used tools are worn or damaged, especially those with blades. Trimming in non-hazardous areas.

The above information is provided by the Non-Sparking Tool Manufacturer.

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