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Overview of the Use of Explosion-Proof Striking Wrench

Jul. 07, 2020

Explosion-proof striking wrenches are explosion-proof wrenches. The products are sold all over the country, with high quality and low prices. The specifications of explosion-proof striking wrenches are 6"-24". The products are rolled by a large friction press. High strength, stable mechanical properties, and long service life. The stressed parts are not bent, deformed, or cracked.if you want to know what are non sparking tools and what are non sparking tools made of, We will give you a satisfactory answer. 

It is suitable for some flammable and explosive dangerous places such as petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, pharmaceutical, coal mine, chemical industry, smelting, etc. Use explosion-proof tools as much as possible in a dry environment. If it is impossible to avoid use in a humid environment, try to speed up the operation speed, and reduce the working time.

Pay attention to the requirements of the direction of the force when using the explosion-proof striking wrench, and do not apply any force in reverse. After deactivation, wipe it in time. Those who do not use it within half a year should be oiled or preserved by the anti-corrosion method. Those who have been out of use for more than one year should be oiled and put into bags or boxes for storage.

The explosion-proof percussion wrench is a straight handle wrench with a tail end as a striking end and a working end as a hexagon. The special material is made of cast iron. The explosion-proof material is made of aluminum bronze alloy and beryllium bronze alloy. It is processed through multiple processes Processed. The surface treatment of the product includes natural color, electrostatic spraying, etc. Can be processed according to customer needs.

Explosion-Proof Striking Wrench

The use of tapping wrenches: large industrial special wrenches, heavy-duty wrenches, tapping wrenches-tapping wrenches are used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, oil refining, shipbuilding, petrochemical, and other industries. Petroleum wheels and LPG vehicles, Aircraft, warehouses that handle flammable and explosive products, electrolysis workshops, communication machine assembly workshops, places where tools are not rusted, wear-resistant, and anti-magnetic, etc.

striking a plum wrench is a very common tool, but people just use it, but most people don't know him very well. Below I will introduce you to his performance nuclear structure characteristics, as well as his advantages and disadvantages.

The percussion wrench has a fair design, no messy structure, high material density, strong impact resistance, no folding, constant, no bending, high dimensional accuracy of the product, durable, and so on. Use the principle of the lever to turn bolts, screws, nuts, and Other hand tools with threaded gripping bolts or nuts for opening gears or socket fasteners.

The torque for tapping a Torx wrench is the product of force and spacing. When tightening threaded fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, etc., it is necessary to control the amount of torque applied to ensure that the threads are tightened and the threads are not damaged due to excessive torque.

The above information is provided by an explosion-proof tools manufacturer.


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