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Conditions Required for Industrial Site Explosion

Jul. 13, 2020

There are three conditions that an explosion must-have in the daily working environment:

1) First, there must be air or oxygen.

2) Furthermore, there are explosive substances, that is, substances that can react with oxygen (air), generally gas, liquid and solid, gases such as acetylene, methane, hydrogen, etc.; liquids: gasoline, alcohol, benzene, various Combustion preparations; solids: dust, fiber dust, etc.

3) Another source of ignition: mechanical sparks, static sparks, high temperatures, chemical reactions, open flames, electrical sparks, light energy, etc.if you want to know what are non sparking tools and what are non sparking tools made of, We will give you a satisfactory answer.

Oxygen: Oxygen in the air is ubiquitous; ignition source: a large number of electrical instruments are used in the production process. Various frictional sparks, mechanical wear sparks, static sparks, high temperatures, etc. are inevitable, especially when the instrument and electrical malfunction When; explosive substances: many production sites will produce certain flammable substances. Explosive substances exist in about two-thirds of the underground coal mines; in the chemical industry, about 80% of the production workshop areas contain explosive substances.

Objectively, many industrial sites meet explosion conditions.

When the mixed concentration of explosive substances and oxygen is within the explosion limit range, and if there is an explosion source, an explosion will occur. Therefore, it is very necessary to adopt an explosion-proof strategy.

Explosion-Proof Tool

Explosion-proof measures:

The prevention of explosions must be considered from three necessary conditions. Limiting one of the necessary conditions is equivalent to limiting the occurrence of explosions. In the industrial process, the flammable and explosive occasions are usually handled from the following three aspects:

1) Maintain an inert state by adopting methods such as nitrogen filling.  

2) Prevent or minimize the possibility of leakage of flammable substances;

3) Do not use or minimize the use of electrical components that are prone to sparking;

4) When necessary, be sure to use explosion-proof tools made of aluminum bronze alloy and beryllium bronze alloy.

The above information is provided by the non-sparking tool factory.

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