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Explosion Proof Tools Used in Acetylene Occasion

Apr. 08, 2020

Explosion-proof tools are required for acetylene. Acetylene is a flammable and explosive gas. The ignition temperature in air is 305 degrees Celsius. When the temperature exceeds 200-300 degrees Celsius, acetylene begins to polymerize. During the process, the temperature will be higher and higher, the reaction will be faster and faster, and eventually it will cause an explosion.

Acetylene is very unstable under high pressure, and decomposition and explosion often occur. After some substances come into contact with acetylene gas, it will accelerate the process of acetylene gas explosion and act as a catalyst. For example: copper oxide is like this. When acetylene is in contact with metals such as copper and silver or their salts for a long time, explosive substances such as copper acetylene (CUC2) and silver acetylene are formed. Therefore, all equipment used for acetylene (including tools often used in acetylene) cannot be made of silver and copper alloys with a copper content of more than 70%.

Explosion-proof Tools

Acetylene belongs to the second class C-level explosive gas. When the concentration of acetylene in the air reaches 1.5-82%, an explosion will occur when there is an ignition source. The required ignition energy is 0.019 millijoules. The propagation speed of the blast wave of acetylene air mixture containing 7-13% acetylene and about 30% acetylene oxygen mixture can reach 300 meters per second. At this time, the explosive force may exceed 36 megapascals. . Due to the mixed combustion of acetylene and oxygen, the flame temperature can reach as high as 3000 degrees Celsius, so acetylene is widely used in gas welding and gas cutting in industry.

In the production process using acetylene as a raw material for chemical production, there may also be defects or operation errors due to inadequate equipment systems, and leakage of acetylene. Therefore, it is also necessary to use explosion-proof tools, explosion-proof wrenches, explosion-proof hammers, explosion-proof pliers, etc. for production operations and equipment maintenance. For acetylene occasions, an explosion-proof tool made of a copper alloy suitable for Class C explosive gas and containing less than 70% lead should be selected.

The above is the introduction of non-sparking tool suppliers about explosion-proof tools used in acetylene occasions. I hope that they will be helpful to you after reading. If you have any other questions, you can contact us.

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