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Introduction of Explosion-Proof Picks and Explosion-Proof Screwdrivers

Apr. 08, 2020

Explosion-proof picks and explosion-proof screwdrivers are a type of explosion-proof tools. Explosion-proof picks are mainly used by workers who work in flammable and explosive workplaces. In these special workplaces, explosion-proof tool products represented by explosion-proof picks are used. Absolutely can guarantee the personal safety of the staff. A screwdriver is a tool used to turn a screw to force it into place. It usually has a thin wedge-shaped head that can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head-also known as a screwdriver. The following explosion-proof tool manufacturers introduce us to the explosion-proof pick head And basic knowledge of explosion-proof screwdriver.

The materials of the explosion-proof picks and explosion-proof tool products are made of aluminum bronze alloy and beryllium bronze alloy. The products of these two materials can perform the same explosion-proof function after processing, and the products of the beryllium bronze alloy can also play a role. To anti-magnetic function. The tensile strength of the aluminum bronze alloy explosion-proof picks can be above 25 degrees, and the beryllium bronze products can reach more than 35 degrees after heat treatment. The hardness of the products can definitely meet the needs of our customers.

Explosion-Proof Tools

Explosion-proof pick head products are particularly suitable for use in flammable and explosive workplaces. Electronic industry, petroleum industry, military industry, gas station, electrical industry, petrochemical industry, railway, mining and other special industries should be equipped with explosion-proof tools. Therefore, the explosion-proof tool products represented by explosion-proof picks are absolutely favored.

The materials of the explosion-proof screwdriver are aluminum bronze and beryllium bronze. Due to the special nature of the material, the product has the explosion-proof function, which can effectively prevent the flammable explosion caused by the friction between the tool and the working object and the impact, thereby ensuring the property and personal The safety of life. This product is widely used in some special flammable and explosive dangerous working environments such as petroleum, chemical industry, mine, anti-terrorism, anti-magnetic field, coal mine, oil and gas pipeline, power generation, aviation, pharmaceutical, fireworks and so on.

The size of the explosion-proof screwdriver is generally metric or mm. In general, according to different screwdriver head shapes, they can be divided into a word, a cross, a word, a star, a square head, a hexagonal head, a Y-shaped head, etc., where a word and a cross are more common, such as installation, maintenance, etc. Will be used; screwdriver head representation method: one word: SL, cross: PH, rice word: PO, star: TO, square head: QU, hexagon: HE, where the number after the bold letter is generally used to indicate the slot Number, for example: cross, PH1 PH2 PH3. Pay attention when using: according to the different lengths and diameters of the screws, choose different sizes of screwdrivers.

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