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Precautions for Handling Inflammable and Explosive Dangerous Goods

Apr. 10, 2020

First: pay attention to the outer packaging of dangerous goods: it must be tight, and the easily identifiable signs must be clear and firm. It is strictly prohibited to mix dangerous goods of different nature with the car, such as detonators, explosives, etc.

Second: Choose different vehicles according to different dangerous goods, especially the first-level and second-level dangerous goods. The use of tractors, trailers, three-wheeled motor vehicles, motorcycles, human tricycles, etc. is strictly prohibited. Only second-level fixed dangerous goods can be used. Dump truck shipment.

Third: During transportation, hidden dangers such as sparks are the most taboo. Non-sparking tools that do not generate sparks should be used during loading and unloading. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the carriages, and vehicles are strictly prohibited from being close to open flames and various places exposed to the sun and high temperatures.

Non-Sparking Tools

Fourth: Dangerous goods loading and unloading sites must meet the conditions of safe explosion-proof loading and unloading: such as roads, lights, signs, firefighting facilities, etc. Use non-sparking tools when loading and unloading dangerous goods. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the compartment. Cars should be parked in the open air. Workers should pay attention to their own protection and wear the necessary protective equipment. Strictly abide by the operating procedures. Lightly load and unload. , Impact, rollover, heavy pressure and upside down, easy to wet goods should be covered with tarpaulin.

Fifth: Install the ground wire when stopping and loading and unloading the oil tanker that transports petroleum. When driving, the ground wire should be grounded to prevent fire caused by static electricity.

Details determine success or failure. Details are particularly important. To reduce the occurrence of explosions, you must use explosion-proof tools. These are the small details in life, but as long as you pay attention to these small details, in general, no problems will occur. Explosion-proof tools are a very small thing, we should start with every little thing to prevent explosions.

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