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Explosion-Proof Mechanism of Explosion-Proof Tools

Mar. 24, 2020

Tools and equipment, usually made of iron and steel, such as drills, picks, hammers, tongs, wrenches, spares, etc., are hidden sources of detonation due to the friction and impact sparks that occur when they are in violent action or fall down. Therefore, these tools cannot be used in explosion hazard places.

Tools (equipment) used in explosion hazard sites must be made of special materials that do not cause friction, impact sparks, or even produce hot and hot surfaces. Such tools are called explosion-proof tools.

Steel materials have high strength and hardness, suitable for making tools, and steel strength and hardness increase with the increase of carbon content.

However, the results of the study on the mechanism of friction sparks in steel materials show that it is the carbon contained in steel that is the root cause of friction sparks.

In order to eliminate tool friction, impact sparks, people turned to copper.

Copper as an explosion-proof tool differs from steel in two significant ways:

First, no carbon. There's no oxygen-iron-carbon chain, so there's no spark.

Second, strength and hardness of the copper are low, heat conductivity and higher than steel, friction or collision occurs, the local spot will occur plastic deformation and focus on individual contact, avoid friction energy and materials of high thermal conductivity, the heat generated by the friction quickly spread to the substrate and reduces the danger of friction hot heat point of impact.

The above two points are the explosion-proof mechanism of copper alloy tools.

Non Sparking Pliers

However, the strength and hardness of pure copper are too low to be directly used as a tool, and it is necessary to add appropriate elements such as beryllium, aluminum, titanium, nickel, magnesium, and other smelting copper base alloy to improve its strength and hardness.

However, when the strength and hardness are increased, the second characteristic of the aforementioned copper alloy in the explosion-proof tools is in danger of weakening or disappearing. Therefore, people further explore the technical approach of "having the best of both worlds". Our company provides High-Quality Non-Sparking Pliers.

It is required that the copper base alloy prepared has high strength and hardness at room temperature. Once it is subjected to friction and impact, the temperature rises to a certain degree, and the metallographic structure of the copper base alloy will undergo a phase change and change to low strength, plastic deformation and even wear peeling.

At this time, the resistance of metal friction on the local friction surface decreases, and the maximum temperature of friction and impact is limited to the phase change temperature of the alloy, becoming the explosion-proof alloy that cannot ignite the explosive mixture. Abroad called non-dangerous spark metal.

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