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Basic Knowledge of Explosion(Part 2)

Oct. 12, 2020

Explosion and form

In a nutshell, an explosion is a form of very rapid physical or chemical changes in matter. An important feature of this change is that the pressure around the explosion point undergoes a sudden change and a huge sound is produced. The explosion can be divided into the following three forms:

1. Physical explosion: The explosion phenomenon formed by the sudden change of the state and pressure of a substance is called a physical explosion. Nature and chemical composition of the substance did not change before and after the physical explosion. For example, the explosion of a steam boiler, the explosion of compressed gas cylinders, and liquefied gas cylinders are all due to the sharp rise of the pressure of the substance in the container (water vapor and liquefied gas). Exceeding the capacity limit of the container equipment is a physical explosion. Our company provides explosion-proof hand tools.

Explosion-Proof Hand Tools

2. Chemical explosion: The explosion caused by the occurrence of high temperature and high pressure due to the extremely rapid exothermic chemical reaction of the substance is called a chemical explosion. The composition and properties of the substance changed before and after the explosion. Chemical explosions in oil refineries are mostly caused by the mixture of combustible gas and combustion-supporting gas contacting the fire source, or the mixture of combustible dust and air contacting the fire source.

3. Nuclear explosion: The explosion caused by the "fission" or "fusion" of the atomic nucleus of certain substances is called a nuclear explosion. The explosion of the atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb is a nuclear explosion.

After the explosive mixture explodes, in addition to causing casualties, it will also cause varying degrees of damage to production equipment and buildings.

Conditions for a chemical explosion

The basic conditions for a chemical explosion accident are represented by an explosion pentagon. The pentagon represents the number of combustible substances, the concentration of oxidation, the uniformity of the mixture of combustible substances and oxygen, the sealing of the combustible mixture combustion space, and the ignition explosion The fire source of the mixture. There is a common factor in the two graphics is the fire source, so controlling the fire source can achieve the purpose of avoiding fire and explosion accidents. Open flames, electric sparks, electric arcs, hot surfaces, etc. are easily detected by human senses. Another kind of fire source is friction and impact sparks that occur when tools and equipment are violently moved or dropped. Such sparks are sometimes difficult to detect.

The above information is provided by the non-sparking tool factory.

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