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Security and Explosion-Proof TV Closed Circuit System Construction

Sep. 16, 2020

Special explosion-proof tools: usually made of steel materials, such as drills, picks, hammers, pliers, wrenches, spreaders, and other tools and equipment, which are concealed ignition sources when friction and impact sparks occur during violent movements or fall. In the installation of equipment, it is necessary to use special explosion-proof tools made of special materials that do not generate friction, impact sparks, or even hot high-temperature surfaces.

The hardness of steel materials increases with the increase of carbon content, and the carbon in steel materials is the source of friction sparks. Explosion-proof tools are made of copper alloy, and beryllium, aluminum, titanium, nickel, and magnesium are added to pure copper with low strength and hardness to smelt into a copper-based alloy. The strength and hardness are improved. Sparks are generated; the strength, hardness, and thermal conductivity of copper alloys are better than steel materials, and plastic deformation occurs at local friction points to avoid the friction energy from being concentrated on individual contact points, and the heat generated by friction can be quickly dispersed to the substrate to reduce friction There is a danger of intense heat at the point of impact.

Explosion-Proof Tool

In recent years, with the continuous development of society, people's awareness of safe production has also been continuously improved. Therefore, industrial explosion-proof television monitoring systems are increasingly being widely used by many enterprises and units with special industry backgrounds and special safety requirements. In many industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal, and national defense in our country, in the various processes of production, processing, transportation, and storage, there may often be leakage or spillage as a mixture with explosive danger. When the concentration of the mixture reaches the explosive concentration In the range, once the fire source appears, it will cause serious accidents such as explosion and fire. Therefore, all kinds of equipment used in this kind of hazardous environment must be explosion-proof products with explosion-proof performance by professional organizations, and all equipment must be installed by engineering companies with rich management in strict accordance with the construction specifications and accepted standards of explosion-proof projects. It can be put into actual production use only after scheduling. In this way, the safety requirements of each link in the production process can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

In addition to complying with the relevant national standards and specifications of general industrial television systems, the installation and construction of industrial television systems in explosive hazardous environments must also comply with the relevant installation standards and specifications for electrical equipment in explosive hazardous environments. It is implemented in accordance with the installation standards for electrical equipment in explosive hazardous environments. The following summarizes some technical standards and construction experience of the industrial explosion-proof TV monitoring system in actual construction projects.

The above information is provided by non-sparking tool manufacturer.

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