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Summary of Abnormal Use of Explosion-Proof Tools

Apr. 07, 2020

1. Explosion-proof ratchet wrenches are used as percussion wrenches or sleeve extension tubes, which will cause obvious dents in the handle and work break. In this case, you should choose a T-shaped slider head with a sleeve, an F-shaped lever, and a curved handle Rod or choose a larger ratchet wrench to increase torque!If You Are Finding Car Tool Kit and Electrician Tool Kit and Craftsman Home Tool Kit, We Will Be Your Best Choose! We Have Our Own Factory, So We Can Give You A Cheap Price!

2. Explosion-proof manual sleeve heads are used for working on pneumatic tools, which will cause obvious damage, slippage, and obvious cracks on the wall of the sleeve head. Pneumatic sleeve series should be selected when in pneumatic operation.

3. When the pliers head is used as a hammer, it will cause dents on the pliers' head or the jaws cannot be properly engaged. Please use appropriate explosion-proof copper hammers and other percussion tools when doing the percussion work. Use explosion-proof needle-nose pliers when bending high-strength wire and sheet materials, which will also cause flaws in the mouth of the needle-nose pliers or improper biting of the pliers.

4. Explosion-proof screwdriver used as a small crowbar or flat shovel, chisel, chisel, will cause the handle part to be loose or disconnected from the working end, or a small generation may cause scars or damage to the working edge of the screwdriver.

5. Explosion-proof wrenches and pipe wrenches are small and large, and the use of casing or lengthened casing will cause the wrench mouth to deform and break, and the handle of the wrench will bend, deform, or break; non-strike wrenches such as live wrenches will be used as explosion-proof copper hammers The head of the wrench is deformed and so on.

In daily work, the explosion-proof tools corresponding to the types, specifications, and models should be specifically selected for different working conditions and environments.

Explosion-proof Wrenches

Proper use and storage of explosion-proof tools can give full play to the advantages of its various performances, so you should pay attention to the following points:

1. The explosion-proof tool is a special safety protection product. When purchasing, it is necessary to check whether the product has been inspected and tested by the National Coal Mine Explosion-proof Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and to carefully understand the scope of application, performance, characteristics, and maintenance methods of the product. In addition, strict attention should be paid to whether the product is marked with the "EX" mark.

2. Before using the explosion-proof tools, the combustible gas in the workplace should be compared with the gas in the explosion-proof test, and after being tested with a higher gas index than the ambient gas, then it can be used in a medium with a lower hazard level. Conversely, products that pass the test of lower-level media cannot be used in locations with higher levels of danger. Strictly distinguish the application locations of explosion-proof tools and non-explosion-proof tools. Explosion-proof tools must be used for work that should use explosion-proof tools.

3. Explosion-proof tools have different rated strength requirements, they should be used strictly in accordance with the specified requirements, and overloading is strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the tools.


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